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Description Crimson Gem Saga for PSP + Overview

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Crimson Gem Saga is the one of the most popular preventing video games. After Yggdra Union’s release on the PSP, i made a decision that RPGs during this handheld console are worth trying. Seeing that Crimson Gem Saga seems like an interesting game, i decided to select it up. To my disappointment, this game didn’t even shine as bright because the interesting title.

Graphics: 9/10

Right after I started playing, i used to be astounded by the game’s visuals. The sprites, monsters, and buildings were wonderfully designed. the world of Crimson Gem Saga was a partial mixture of 2D and 3D, which is something that’s worth checking. I find that the attack, skills, and spells in battle is sort of flashy during this game.

One minor flaw that a lot of people experienced is that the monsters within the world of Crimson Gem Saga are always represented as those blue goblins you fight early within the game. This isn’t really a critical problem, but it does make the game a bit more boring.

Gameplay: 7/10

RPGs usually shine in gameplay. this is often somewhat true especially for RPGs that are published by Atlus. Yet in Crimson Gem Saga’s case, it didn’t shine as bright as I hoped. The gameplay is essentially like all other old-school RPG. Your party stands on one side while the opposing force stands on the other. When a unit’s turn comes, they get the selection to attack an enemy, use a skill, defend, use an item, or flee.

A unique part of this game is that the fleeing system. once you flee, a circle surrounded by 6 smaller circles appear (much like roulette). Either 2 or 3 of the small circles are going to be filled. After the roulette spins, you’re required to prevent it with the press of a button. If the pointer touches a filled circle, you’ll flee. If not, your turn are going to be passed onto the next unit.

I didn’t really favor the gameplay thanks to the very fact that it’s a bit generic and repetitive. you’ll acquire many skills during this game, but that’s about it. There aren’t much unique things that this game offers . The old-school RPG genre is one among my favorites, but Crimson Gem Saga just pales in comparison to other great games of its type like Square Enix’s Valkyrie Profile.

Story: 6/10

Obviously the weakest a part of the game, the story isn’t compelling and a touch bit hard to select up. Basically, you play as a graduate of a knight academy who was offered a recommendation to join a famous knight faction. His journey is to acquire artifacts referred to as Wicked Stones before they fall under the hands of evil.

As good because it sounds, the plot is really rather dull. There are already many games with stories that include finding legendary weapons and mysterious artifacts. Character development is nearly non-existent here, thus ruining both the fun and plot at the same time.

Sound: 7/10

There are a couple of memorable tunes, but overall, the soundtracks of this game aren’t what you’ll call excellent. What really saved the sound’s score was the voice acting. I though that the characters were voiced rather well in English comparing to other dubbed RPGs.

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Crimson Gem Saga (USA) ISO

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