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Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Europe) PSP ISO Free Download

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Description Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP + Overview

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Dissidia Final Fantasy is the one of the most popular preventing video games. For years Final Fantasy fans are expecting the final word FF game. A game that has all the most protagonists and villains. Weather you are a Cloud fan or new the FF series, you’ll enjoy this game.

Story 8/10
The gods Cosmos(good) and Chaos(evil) have fought for several years. this is often why the game is named Dissidia. Dissidia means conflict or disagreement. Recently Chaos has gathered villains from Final Fantasy 1-10 to end Cosmos. Cosmos reacted by gathering the heroes of FF 1-10. Each hero has their own story mode fighting main villains from other Final Fantasies and their rival from their FF because the boss. the sole reason to me that the story isn’t a 9 or a 10 is because its the only a part of the game with a flaw. Some fans won’t like Onion Knight facing Sephiroth or Terra facing Garland.

Graphics 10/10
To make it short, this game has better graphics than Monster Hunter and Crisis Core combined. If you haven’t heard of these 2 games then you haven’t seen real graphics on a PSP.

Gameplay 10/10
This is where any gamer would get hooked in to the game. you select a Hero or Villain to play as and fight. once you fight you’ve got HP and Brave Points. Brave Points are the points you get once you do a assist attack. the quantity of Brave you have is that the amount of damage you deal once you use an HP attack. once you customize your character you’ll change your attacks. you’ve got assist attacks and HP attacks. HP attacks damages your opponents HP. Your character also gets 4 equipment slots( weapon, other hand, helmet, and glove). the higher equipment the higher your stats. once you win a fight you get 3 things, a chance of AP( it upgrades your abilities), PP( you use these to urge unlock-able characters and alternatives) and Gil( your main FF money to shop for equips). Another feature in Dissidia’s gameplay is EX mode. EX mode is when your character’s EX bar is at max. Your character does more critical hits and may use EX bursts. An EX burst may be a Character’s ultimate move.

Sound 10/10
The sound is crisp clear seeing because the system comes from Sony. you’ve got many songs to choose from just like the battles in FF2 or One Winged Angel. All the cut scenes are fully voice acted. Even the subtitles are too!

Replay 9/10
There is many things to try to to after beating Story Mode like leveling your favorite characters to level 100 or maxing all their stats. Their is 12 characters to unlock and 22 alternative outfits. Even fighting as Cloud against Sephy with the song together Winged Angel is just too good to resist.

What if I hate FF or can’t understand Japanese?
If your one among those people that hate us FF fans you’ll still like this game. you’ll even talk #@%$ to us on Wifi. This game has such a lot English subtitles that you’ll understand in within 2 hours of playing it. this is often Final Fantasy….

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Eur) ISO

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