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Description Gladiator Begins for PSP + Overview

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Gladiator Begins is the one of the most popular preventing video games. It may seem like just your ordinary hack-and-slash game, but gamer who give this small gem an opportunity would realize that despite its simple gameplay and style , it could rather be deemed together of the most fun games one would ever play on the PSP. I, myself, am a lover of combat sports like boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. So to be ready to play one among the for-bearers of recent combat sports may be a treat within itself.


Gladiator Begins may be a simple game. You create a personality , and pit him in combat with other gladiators, gaining enough money to win his freedom. Simple enough. Though seemingly mundane, the very fact that one could create and personalize a personality is great. Once a personality is made , you’ll choose what sort of fighting style you’d wish to use. It all depends on the weapons. you’ll use one sword, dual swords, spears, large shields, small shields, or knuckle-type weapons.

In the early stages of the game, you’re limited to your starting skills, but because the game progresses, more cool moves appear the more you employ a specific fighting style. a number of these moves are powerful, and a few are often downright flashy. Seeing your Spartan gladiator jumping within the air while thrusting his spear ala Leonidas, or a Greek gladiator jumping sideways ala Achilles, never gets old. Well, if it does get old, you’ll remove a skill and alter it with another. The player gets to equip 4 skills plus 1 passive skill at any given time.

The gladiator should also do his best to please the gang . this will be done by using your skills, killing an opponent employing a skill, killing an opponent as such, knocking a bit of kit off your opponent, and following what your nickname suggests. While not really that important, pleasing the gang would allow you to get more equipment from your vanquished foe.

The battle AI ranges from downright dumb to challenging. Some ranked gladiators can present you with a challenge. But even the Primus from other stables is sort of easy to defeat within the later stages of the game.


The story of Gladiator Begins pales as compared with the action and violence within the arena. However, it’s not all that bad. It sets the stage for a really Roman-esque atmosphere that adds much to the flavor of the game. the very fact that this game is multi-ended is additionally an honest thing. Gladiator Begins does an honest job of masking its seemingly simple story-line with various decisions and paths. One may prefer to side with a patron and this is able to give one access to a back-story of the said patron, and unlock character models within the creation menu.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics-wise, the sport is what you’d expect on the PSP. Though not really anything amazing, it gets the work done, quite like the characters of Monster Hunter 2. Note that I say characters, not the monsters intrinsically . But the important specialty of the sport lies in its physics. An unguarded blow to a character’s shield can knock him several inches backward. An unguarded blow to his sword can send him staggering to the side of the cage. the graceful graphics paired with the physics of the game makes it worth to play. the amount of blood also helps.

The sound is great. It captures much of the atmosphere of battle. The clanging of swords, the sound of blades piercing flesh, the bashing of shields, and therefore the roar of the gang , these are all music to my ears.

Speaking of music, the game tracks are okay. Though it are often a touch repetitive sometimes , it does an honest job of creating battles a touch more exciting and epic.

Playtime and Replayability

The game is addictive. Very addictive. you’d probably play it for an hour or so, rest, and play more. After finishing one story, you’d probably make another character with a special fighting style and a special patron. Plus, the very fact that you simply still have your weapons and money within the next playthrough makes the sport tons more friendly to the “grinders,” and casual gamers alike.

Final Verdict

This game is one among the higher thought relatively unknown games on the PSP. If Caesar were alive and sitting front row, watching this game, he would probably give this a thumbs up. Gladiator Begins may be a great game. It just goes to point out that even a game with relatively no hype can exceed expectations. i like to recommend it to those that love Rome, Roman movies like Gladiator, or Spartacus, and sports fans. Even RPG fans or fans of the Monster Hunter series could give this game a shot.

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