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Description Gungnir for PSP + Overview

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Gungnir is the one of the most popular preventing video games. So you heard of Sting’s new Dept. of Heaven game. To the SRPG veterans out there this is often certainly a game which will keep you interested for a while. For the typical gamer looking to get into SRPG’s, this won’t be the sport for you.

The reason this game differs from your traditional SRPG’s like Disgaea and Jeanne d’arc is that the gameplay. The game’s menus, although colorful, are very complex and hard to maneuver.

In my opinion the main negative feature of this game is its battle system. Units are deployed under command of an “ace”, which is that the commander of the army the player controls. The “ace” is chosen at the start of the battle by the player. If this “ace” dies the battle is lost and the level will need to be retried or restarted. Alternatively, if the player defeats the enemy army’s “ace” the battle is won. It should even be noted that not all enemy armies have an ace so players are going to be required to kill all enemies. Each unit’s turn is dictated by a clock system where each character moves according to their “wait” number. Unlike traditional SRPG’s where the player can move all of their units in their turn, in Gungnir the player can only move 1 character per turn. Although are often “> this is often obtrusive it can be said that it adds the problem Sting games are known for. Players will find themselves moving an equivalent character each turn which may be very annoying if that unit is that the “ace” and dies forcing the player to restart the extent .

In an unbiased point of view, the battle system is what makes this game original and may be what attracts most players to the present game. Furthermore, there’s a more intuitive command menu unique to every battle situation waiting to be explored by the player.


Customization is usually a big issue when it involves SRPG games. Gungnir offers deep weapon and armor customization. Equipment is basically important during this game because the type of attack the player can use against the enemy army depends on the weapon which is provided on the offensive unit. The downside of this sort of customization is that the fact that each bit of kit will increase your unit’s “wait” time meaning that the unit will need to wait longer for them to be able to move again. This setup forces the player to settle on between stronger offense and defense or longer to act.

In addition to the unique weapons and Armour customization, there’s the truly unique refining system. the game uses gems as how of upgrading weapons. the drawback of this is often the very fact that early game, gem grinding is tedious and money consuming and weapons are the sole equipment which will be upgraded.


Gungnir tells the story of war between the two races of Gargandia: The class Leonicans and their oppressive upper class leaders Daltans. The Daltans ask the Leonicans as “Dregs” meaning they’re unwanted and despicable. The Daltans are extremely harsh in their treatment of the Leonicans and this results in what was referred to as the “Espada Massacre”. The Espada Massacre was the mass killing of Leonicans in their city Espada. The Espada Massacre and other events led to a resistance army of rebellious Leonicans called “Esperanza” to be formed and that they made it their goal to topple the Daltan’s rule.

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Gungnir (USA) PSP psp iso 5kroms Gungnir (USA) PSP psp android 5kroms


Gungnir (USA) ISO

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