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Description Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl for PSP + Overview

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Harvest Moon Boy & Girl  is a port of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, which was originally released on the PlayStation back in 2000. aren’t getting me wrong, this was an honest game then but it’s now showing its age horribly and may be a prime example of how to not do a port.

Typical harvest moon fare here. Though the boy and girl have different stories they each end up performing on the farm, raising livestock, and interacting with the same townsfolk. this is often the essential story of each full moon so there’s nothing to complain about here.

The graphics here are bad. I mean, awful. Everything is blurry, characters look and move like barely 3D blobs. Nothing has been updated from the first PlayStation game. you know it’s bad when even the character portraits that accompany dialogue are terribly fuzzy. I firmly believe that graphics don’t make a game good or bad, but it’s extremely disappointing that no effort was made to update the graphics during this game. Menus are especially bad. I start complaining about graphics when text looks bad. Considering that Innocent Life, the other harvest moon game for PSP, features a number of the simplest graphics on the system, this is often just… painful. to form things worse, the game seems to have been ‘stretched’ to figure on the PSP screen.

At the top of the day, it’s hard to worry about wooing a mate when the character designs are so very unattractive.

The gameplay is ok here. Again, nothing has been changed. However, the whole experience is hampered by the controls. You view the game from a semi-overhead perspective and may only move using the up, right, left, down directions. the matter is that up is kind of … um… diagonally up and to the proper . Pressing two directional buttons directly doesn’t make you go diagonally either, so if you would like to travel down a path that may not straight you find yourself alternating between two buttons. an equivalent problem occurs when using the analog stick. Again, why was this not updated?

That aside, growing crops, upgrading tools, raising livestock, and every one your other farming activities go smoothly. There are many familiar characters from other HM games to interact with too, along side holidays and festivals. If you wish harvest moon, you’ll like this but there’s nothing new or different.

Unfortunately, there’s also very obvious slowdown in places, especially when running through town. I mean… slowdown? While running through a town? Though load times between screens aren’t regrettable , there’s just no excuse for slowdown and load time during this game. If Innocent Life and other new games have none or very little of that, then a seven year old game shouldn’t.

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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (USA) ISO

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