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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (Europe) PSP ISO Free Download

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Description Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP + Overview

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is virtually an in-depth check out the lifetime of a Hunter. It started as a PS2 game called “Monster Hunter 2.” Capcom converted it into a PSP title. Originally from Japan, this port from the PS2 integrates you into a both dangerous and breathtaking world. It’s hard to dislike the detailed graphics as you climb up a snow-capped mountain or trek the cruel and heated desert. This game is that the pinnacle of the PSP hands down.


And all the aspects. the game is heavily mission based. you’ll repeat almost any quest over and once again so as to collect more materials. There are two types; the Elder Quests where you pursue alone, and also the Guild Quests where you’ll build your HR (Hunter Rank.) you’ll also receive items normally you would not find during Elder Quests. you start doing simple assignments, gather Mountain Herbs, slay a couple of pesky monsters, then you move onto a better ranked quests. As you progress you will find yourself in extremely difficult situations where only your skill can prevent .

There are not any levels within the world of Monster Hunter. the sole thanks to gain strength is to enhance your armor, or your weapons. I guarantee some clock over 100 hours checking out that Monster Bone+ for your next Gunlance upgrade or an Armor Sphere+ to further improve your armor’s defense. Though hardly traditional it provides gamers a challenge that surpasses most.

What is a hunter without the tools they carry? Flash Bombs, Hot Drinks, Rations, Mega Demondrugs, Armorskins, ect. Though some aren’t hard to seek out , items can make or break a battle against anything you hunt. it is often nice to possess a Farcaster to return to camp after gathering everything you need.

The Maps are based on a Numbering System. Areas are labeled by numbers dividing terrain into sections where your target could also be . The areas themselves are a good sort of neat maps with breathtaking aesthetic effect. you’ll visit a tropical forest, a rainy swamp, and a scorching desert. Each landscape was neat to the last detail which seldom have other titles duplicated.

Hey! What’s that over there! That thing that’s running towards you is your target. there’s a boss in each area, although you’re on a Gathering Quest a monster is sure to rear its ugly head. You’ll notice it by the eye appearing within the left corner of your screen. It starts out with monsters like Bulldrome (a very large hog) or an annoying Congalala (a very stinky monkey) as innocently because it seems they get tougher.

Then along came Yian Kut Ku. what’s a Yian Kut Ku? YKK may be a wyvern. it’s possibly the hardest monster a beginner could ever meet. As a Monster Hunter it’s your job to review its attack movements and commit them to memory. you will need to understand what the thing goes to try to to before it does it, and block, or jump, or simply run away. Wyverns of the majority of monsters a Monster Hunter must follow so as to advance. They vary in shapes and sizes and attacks and in everything imaginable. Some are large and fierce (take Rathalos) and a few are small but fearsome (take a Yian Kut Ku) and a few are just unfair (insert wyvern here.)

You start your journey by selecting your character’s name, gender, custom hair color, face, voice, ect. the extent of power you’ve got over yourself puts other titles to shame. Perhaps you wish shaggy hair with a touch of salt and pepper? Or a person who thinks his afro is a lucky charm? you’ll change your hair color and hairdo even after you’ve selected your character. the extent of customization within the game once more disgraces other titles.

Felynes are humanoid cat-like creatures. once you get to a particular point in the game you’ll hire these comic characters to cook for you. counting on what skills they need or what level they’re you’ll either end up poisoned or with a bit extra health. actually Felyne Skills are activated once you mix the proper foods together. And counting on what you ate will increase your defense, attack, throwing distance for bombs and paintball, and cause you to Mega Lucky! However whatever enhancements you receive are only good for one mission so don’t fret when your health drops due to a nasty meal.

There is no better game if you’re trying to find armor. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has over one-thousand four-hundred armor items. Each has their own unique ability which may offer you the additional edge against nasty Yian Kut Ku or Congalala. Armor comes with skill points that when attribute to 10 points or more earns you additional skills that would be as vital as victory. Many spend hours searching high and low defeating enemies, searching in volcanoes, even sifting through dung to seek out the proper materials to form your armor. another bonus that wasn’t in its previous version, armor can now be enhanced using Armor Stones. Their tricky to find but the added defense is a welcomed bonus.

What makes a hunter is that the weapon that they use. In most games your character can devour a sword and fight like he was born to try to to it. within the world of Monster Hunter it’s a far different tale. once you choose a weapon you want to master it because the weapon is simply as powerful because the person using it. Sure you’ll enhance the attack power; however which will only does one so good. Your skills must be honed or regardless of what weapon you are doing use your getting to lose. With over four hundred different weapons and twelve weapon types (Lance, Gunlance, Greatsword, Katana, Sword and Shield, Dual Swords, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Bows, Light Bowguns, and Heavy Bowguns) the world is yours!

Monster Hunter is a “Love or Hate” series. If you wish taking over giant winged monsters in an exciting and challenging world then cancel your appointments and hop in. If you’re checking out a simple game then you would possibly not want to get . With more then three-hundred fifty challenging missions that produces you want to smash your PSP to pieces in frustration, Monster Hunter Freedom’s gameplay is flawless.

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (Europe) psp iso 5kroms Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (Europe) psp android 5kroms


Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (Europe) ISO

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