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Description Pangya Fantasy Golf for PSP + Overview

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Pangya Fantasy Golf is the one of the most popular preventing video games. I’m not terribly far into it yet, but i assume that’s why quick review exists right?

First off, the game is extremely anime in style and presentation. I personally love anime, in order that was a bonus for me. Filter any reviews you read through that lens, because regardless of what you are doing in Pangya, you are not escaping the anime-ness.

The engine is essentially the “standard” golf engine that’s existed for twenty years. Start the swing meter with a button press, button again to line shot power, button another time to try and hit the sweet spot. If you’ve played any golf within the last two decades you’ve probably seen this mechanic. Pangya adds a couple of nice tweaks to it, just like the way they handle ball spin, but generally it’s that system of playing golf. There’s really nothing within the basic engine that’s getting to cause you to love or hate the game any longer or but the dozens of golf games that came before it.

Where Pangya really shines is their presentation and equipment. It’s essentially a golf with heavy RPG elements.

The story mode is strange and funny. i can not remember the last game that made me laugh aloud this often. It’s certainly a surprise coming from a golf title. The characters are a bunch of eccentric (and well written) weirdos. During one among my first runs through episode 1 of the story mode, my caddy got into fight with a rival golfer/pirate that he believed had stolen his pet shark. That’s representative of the amount of non-sequitur madness you’ll expect from Pangya.

The equipment lists are just insane. You earn money by playing, then buy new gear. Clothes, accessories, shoes, magic items, potions, new club sets and balls – there’s a ridiculous amount of stuff to shop for and collect. Assuming you wish the game itself, the replay value is off the charts. Honestly, i can not even begin to guess how long it might take you to accumulate all the gear for even one character, much less all 18 of them.

Game modes include the previously mentioned story mode, challenge modes that earn you tournament licenses, tournaments, free play, and online play for up to 8 players.

All in all, I’d say that this is often a golf for people that want something new and different from golf games. It’s more along the lines of Wicked 18 or Mario Golf than Tiger Woods. If you want a simulator type golf pro experience, you are going to happier with something else. Also note – the psp version is far nicer than the PC version, so while that creates a good free trial for checking out the essential idea, understand that the psp version is way more polished and interesting.

If you’re an anime lover, this game is a 9/10. If you hate anime, it’s probably more sort of a 6 or 7 out of 10. The animation and artwork is extremely high quality, particularly the opening cinema, which is simply gorgeous. And really, how often does one get a golf that involves dimension travel, love triangles, motorcycles, dragons, and a very slick dance number? not often enough, I say.

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Pangya Fantasy Golf (USA) psp android 5kromsPangya Fantasy Golf (USA) psp iso 5kroms


Pangya: Fantasy Golf (USA) ISO

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