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Riviera: The Promised Land (USA) PSP ISO Free Download

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Description Riviera: The Promised Land for PSP + Overview

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Riviera The Promised Land is the one of the most popular preventing video games. From some reason, I can’t help but think about the Mighty Mouse theme song playing. It gets you within the mood to save lots of the day (no pun intended). However, I can’t help but shake the feeling that the song should apply to certain group of individuals called the “Grim Angels.” They populate the occupy the planes of existence that are shown in Riviera: The Promised Land for the PSP.

Riviera was originally released for the Gameboy Advance on June 28th, 2005. Atlus decided that they wanted to release an updated version this year. The PSP has been starving for quality games ever since the console’s release. I could call it a match made in Heaven because Atlus brought over a game that was released on the GBA a couple of years ago and decided to share it with another audience.


The PSP has possessed games that have really strived to push it graphical abilities. There are games just like the upcoming God of War: Chains of Olympus that basically strive to line the mark for graphical capabilities on a portable system. Unfortunately, this isn’t one among those games.

There little noticeable differences between the remake and therefore the GBA version that appear back in 2005. that they had all of this point to actually update certain aspects on the graphics to form them more appealing; however, they didn’t plan to do this . One may blame therein idea; however, animation and art work is a step above the remainder .

For people trying to find classic graphics, this game should satisfy the looking for something that reminds them of the great old days. Everything in here screams simplicity and failure to evolve, but it also shows that certain things still improve with age (Graphics not being an exception).


Riviera: The Promised Land looks like a dumb down version of normal eastern role playing games. the game focuses more on character development than character customization. the rationale I feel that it’s going to be wanting in certain areas because the game appears to be very linear.

Riviera doesn’t allow you to roam areas at will just to fight enemies. All enemy encounters within the game are predestined by the designers. Random battles are a thing of the past. that’s one major mark that some gamers place against WRPGs, but it’s going to alienate people that find enjoyment therein sort of game.

The character level up system has been overhauled in comparison to other RPGs. The characters level up by using certain items a group number of times. Whenever you explore the likelihood of an item getting used by a personality , it’ll show what number times it must be used by that character before they will level up.

That is all well and good, apart from one little thing. the majority of the things within the game wears out and breaks after numerous uses. It becomes strategy in battle to undertake and level up your character and conserve your items also . the game designers thought of this once they found out the practice system.

Anytime the player isn’t in battle, they need an choice to enter practice battles to use weapons and level up. the main reason that players will use the training option is items don’t deplete while a party is during a practice battle. they will still level up and earn items from defeating enemies, but they don’t need to worry about special items breaking.

This allows the player to level up all of his or her party members before plodding too far into the sport and getting exhausted by an excellent powerful enemy. It also allows you to earn special attacks with weapons once you level up, besides just leveling up your character.

All in all, this game is can allow people that don’t want to plan out the repercussions of each option to devour this game and enjoy the gameplay. the game is meant for the individuals that suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. they’re going to want to unlock every avenue to allow their character to become more powerful. last , it’s linear to a fault but very fun none the less and will provide enjoyment to those trying to find a game that provides the maximum amount back because the individual puts into it.


The music on its own is extremely safe within the way that things are expressed and shared with the gamer. the simplest thing which will describe the music would be: “good, but forgettable.” there’s nary a song in here which will make me hum along a couple of hours later. As soon as you switch it off, the music is quickly wiped from your memory banks.

The voice work, on the opposite hand, is surprisingly well made. this is often on par with your average Saturday morning cartoon (or anime), but that’s not something which will be really faulted by yours truly. it’s well made and that they convey emotions pretty accurately. It’s a well made in conveying the right emotions the vast majority of the time.

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Riviera: The Promised Land (USA) ISO

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