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Sengoku Musou 3Z Special (Japan) PSP ISO Free Download

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Description Sengoku Musou 3Z Special for PSP + Overview

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Sengoku Musou 3Z Special is the one of the most popular preventing video games. I recently came into the PSP, and that i picked up games I’ve either never played before, or wanted to except for some reason, didn’t. This game belongs to the latter category, the rationale being the game having never been localized. because of the translation guides here, though, i used to be ready to play through it just fine. I also noticed that no-one here on GameFAQs posted a review on this game, so here’s my take.

Presentation: 5/5

Koei’s menus are pretty simple – place the menu items, and slap some landscape on the proper (Warriors Orochi 2 allows you to customize that part). This game isn’t different, except this point , a menu item is accompanied with a respective work of art, and that they look fantastic (e.g. Story Mode has Sanada Yukimura on a horse during a classic Japanese/anime-style, and Settings features a magnificent chicken). Also worth mentioning is that the design of the weapons and equipment, which is now more modern. this is often also one among the little things that creates it beautiful – Japan may be a country which stays very faithful to its traditions, and therefore the presentation may be a perfect blend of ancient and modern. Everything fits together. an equivalent also can be said for the soundtrack, but we’ll get to that later.

Graphics: 3/5

Before anything , let’s not forget that while this game was released in 2012, this is often still a PSP title we’re talking about – during which case, the game looks nice on your handheld. Textures are detailed well enough, and therefore the characters are far better looking compared to those within the previous Samurai Warriors game for the PSP (Samurai Warriors: State of War). It also feels brighter, too, but since this is often a 1-v-100 hack-and-slash game, there had to be some sacrifices. for instance , the render distance is basically short, which ends up within the environment looking bland despite being in an open map. Some visuals feel recycled, too, particularly the hearth effects. Again, this is often the PSP, and knowing how these games work, these negative aspects are very understandable. However, there have been quite number of times once I experienced drops within the frame-rate, even when there were almost 10 to fifteen characters on screen. It doesn’t bother me much, but when you’re on the hardest difficulty against the most boss, it’s gonna hurt really bad if it happens.

Sound: 4/5

Dynasty Warriors featured guitar-heavy tracks. They weren’t Chinese-sounding in the least , but when you are a one-man army slashing through ten soldiers per second, it’s acceptable. The Samurai series used more traditional sounds, with a slight mixture of techno. This game follows an equivalent formula, except this point , the sounds feel more real. Battle music changes betting on things you’re in, and therefore the soundtrack is usually good. Some are generic, some are epic, and a few are nostalgic. The sound effects aren’t anything worth mentioning (it’s most definitely what you’re thinking it is) but the voice acting is great . It’s in Japanese, of course, so it feels far more samurai-ish, but the voice actors really delivered the thoughts and emotions of their respective characters well. Oh, and your character also shouts when you’re charging towards your enemies. Glorious.

Story: N/A

Although i finally did learn to know the menus and other stuff, I still couldn’t give this part as a rating as I understood probably just 10% of the story. It’s loosely supported history anyway, so you’ll just look it up if you wanted to possess a thought of how it went.

Gameplay: 4/5

Before anything , you knew how this game was gonna work the instant you heard about it, right? in fact you probably did . I did, too, but it had been more fun than I’d originally expected. one among my favorite features is that the Tactical Missions – objectives that are optional, but can assist you get rare weapons and armor. i do know it sounds simple, but really, a number of these are really hard to finish . It adds a spice to the game, it’s rewarding, and it’s replay value too. There’s also Original Career Mode (which is a few quite RPG mode, still figuring it out) and Historical Mode, where you participate in several battles in Japanese history using your own created character. Wait, did I say created character? Yeah. the sport allows you to make your own warrior, and while customization options aren’t that plenty, it’s still a pleasant feature.

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Sengoku Musou 3Z Special (Japan) ISO

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