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Description Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament for PSP + Overview

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Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament is the one of the most popular preventing video games. It’s not difficult within the sense that it taxes my skills as a critic or that it is a complex project requiring research or meditation on what the developers intended. No, it’s difficult because i actually wanted to love it, but there’s such a lot wrong here it’s as if the game is actively trying to push me away. Vaguely almost like the larger-in-scale PlayStation 2 RPG that inspired it, Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament are often boiled down to: Main character pilots robot. Main character earns money via insipid tasks to upgrade robot. Main character uses robot to occasionally fight in arena.

Taking a worldwide view, the game as an entire suffers from being incredibly clunky, slow, and completely failing to supply the player with a smooth and intelligent experience. Tedious in every aspect, I found it trying my patience because of the amount of your time wasted on things that shouldn’t even be an issue—things just like the robot’s sluggish walking speed, an overlong cut-scene before a boss that cannot be skipped, and a dozen other irksome things in need of polish. Minor irritants aside, how the player uses the robot (called a Trotmobile) to navigate the town is that the most endlessly annoying way Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament stumbles over itself.

In order to form any progress, players must earn money and “fame”—two commodities granted by completing jobs offered at a local employment agency. It sounds simple enough, and it should be. However, this core aspect of the Steambot Chronicles experience is completely botched by making the player put up with a horrifically cumbersome system of mobility. Bear with me here.

In order to get employment at the local agency, the player must leave their Trotmobile and truly enter the building. However, rather than letting players get on and off of the Trotmobile at will, they need to first find a “parking cone” and exit. At that time , they need to walk to the agency, enter, select employment , exit, re-enter the Trot, then walk to the person who’s actually “offering” the work elsewhere within the city.

About half these job-giving people are often spoken to from the Trot, except for the other half it’s required to again find a parking cone, exit the robot, then walk inside a building to verify the work . With parking cones few and much between, this suggests it’s often necessary to park a short distance faraway from the particular destination and foot both to and from the cone.

Once the work is again confirmed (basically clicking a button once or twice with no real significance), the player goes back to the Trot, then actually walks it to the situation where the work is happening , performs the work , walks or drives back to the one that confirmed it, but parks and exits the Trotmobile before going back to the agency to gather the reward.

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Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament (Undub) ISO

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