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Tehra: Dark Warrior (USA) PSP ISO Free Download

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Description Tehra: Dark Warrior for PSP + Overview

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Tehra Dark Warrior is the one of the most popular preventing video games. Since hearing about the release of Tehra dark warrior on the PSP I even have been dying to get my hands on this game, and it’s not disappointed. You play as Tehra a creature half human half Urka’h created by both human and Urka’h to stay peace between the 2 race’s after centuries of war between one and other. After a few years of peace there has been an attack on the humans which threatens to interrupt the peace and cause war to ravage the land of Sistar once more. Your job is to seek out out who caused the attack on the humans and put an end to them before war breaks out across Sistar once more.

The gameplay is your basic hack and slash adventure where you discover yourself facing multiple sorts of enemies from Orcs, skeletons, knight and mages. Unfortunately like many other games of this genre, they tend to urge a touch repetitive after a short time and Tehra dark warrior is not any different. With constantly being given the same tasks over and over you’ll get bored after only a couple of chapters; however, stormBasic has been nice enough to incorporate a challenge mode to interrupt up the repetitiveness of killing enemies over and over in story mode with yes, you guessed it, killing more enemies. Actually the challenge mode is pretty cool with different challenges like survival mode where your aim is to require out as many enemies as possible before you die, while the enemies get progressively tougher. Another challenge is to survive for a group amount of your time while your health gradually decreases thanks to being poisoned. the sole complaint I even have about the challenge mode is that they are too easy and too few with around five different challenges you’ll probably complete it in less then an hour.

Graphics wise, the sport looks amazing and you’d be hard pressed to inform that it’s a mini and not a full priced PSP title, and with some nice effect included like blood spatter on the screen when attacking enemies you’ll see tons of hard work went in on the visuals. The controls are responsive and fit perfectly with the game. i might have loved to be ready to rotate the camera or zoom in and out, as some points you do find that your view is obscured by an obstacle or the camera is zoomed thanks to far in.

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Tehra Dark Warrior (USA) psp iso 5kroms Tehra Dark Warrior (USA) psp android 5kroms


Tehra: Dark Warrior (USA) ISO

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