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Description Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for PSP + Overview

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Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is the one of the most popular preventing video games. I have to admit that the PS1 graphics (which I like) are just alright. Most scenes have impressive sprite movement. But seriously don’t let the graphics put the game down, this is often most likely the simplest PSP Rpg there’s . Some cut-scenes have remade CCG graphics though. Many scenes have good 3d backgrounds plus taste in design. This game has many huge looking dungeons with no pixel problems or specks. it’s good Cartoon graphics that go well with the sound. Many scenes are easy to see what the characters do so there is no cartoon graphics problems. The graphics are good with cut-scenes too, repeatedly when the sprites fight, they really appear as if they’re fighting unlike most cartoon graphic games. Also the laughing within the game is sweet , the actually move back ther heads and open there mouths, latest cartoon graphic games can’t even do this(at least on handhelds). the improved CCG graphics are amazing. Though there are only about eight of the scenes like that they’re really well colored well lighted realistic hair and you’ll even see the sweat pros on them. They even have full voices and are available in theater mode to watch whenever you want.

Gameplay 10/10

Seriously, this game features a REALLY addictive Battle System. it’s Turn-based but is Interactive within the time it uses for attacks. It also has each character assigned to a particular Button (triangle,square,circle and x). The magic is easy to use too which is sweet (now lately it’s hard with all the gambit/ATB styles). you’ll do amazing combo’s and time it right for perfect follow-up attacks. Alot of weapons can enable you to try to to quite one attack per character. they will use items during the turns but cannot attack if they are doing . If you are doing enough hits you’ll have you ever characters do super attacks that always hit and are super effective. If one character does enough hits then the next party member can strike.

Music 9/10

You’ll always remember this games music. it is often where it should be (perfect Dungeon music, perfect town music, and excellent confrontation music). it is also interesting too (unlike other rpg’s lately ie: FF3, GoW). Most scenes have voices and are well done too. Whenever a character attacks, is attacked or casts any magic, voices are included. All CCG cut scenes have voices too. The voices and music always go with the world and scene.

Story 10/10

The story is basically good, you’re Lenneth Valkyrie who is to gather warriors souls to fight for Odin in Valhalla. You encounter many of us to join your party and run into many Evil doers who must be punished. You’ll meet interesting Enemies who you’ll often re-see through out the game(ie Lezard Valleth, Brahms etc.). The story gets twists and turns here and there but it’s mostly after the 2nd half the game. confirm to use some kind of guide because you’ll get certain endings supported what you did during the game.

This is my first review and overall, with everything I even have to mention , plus how much fun it’s , I’ll provides it a ten . If you’ve got a PSP and like rpg’s in any way, Buy it!

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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (Europe) ISO

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