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Description Warriors Orochi for PSP + Overview

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Warriors Orochi is the one of the most popular preventing video games. The newest game form KOEI who made Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, a game mixing characters from the Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors universe to fight together or against one another . The gameplay in fact remains a similar except that this point you’ll use use three characters per stage and obtain them weapons and level them up. Classic gameplay forever during this game.


Putting your favorite Dynasty Warriors characters like Zhao Yun and Cao Pi to team with your favorites from the Samurai Warriors series like Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi may be a surely gratifying experience. Seasoned veterans will surely go through the game’s stories in about 2 – 3 days due to the game’s short storyline. 15 missions beat all including the additional X Missions needed to unlock more characters. Weapons are still the most attraction of every character, with 3 weapons which will be easily discovered throughout the game and 1 unique weapon which is that the character’s ultimate weapon. Luck again hits you here, hoping to urge a weapon with good abilities may be a rare find. Another new system within the game is that the ability screen where you’ll set abilities for your team like Acclaim which increases your EXP gained counting on the EXP obtained. The Weapon fusion allows you to power up your weapons rather than repeating stages again and again to seek out good weapons.


Horses are never out of the action, with the power to call your horse from anywhere within the field, the magical horse never dies. Jump im your horse to travel to an ally in need or simply to travel to a selected location faster, the game’s transportation still rules the land. the good part is, you’ll get your enemies horses if you’re uninterested in your horse. “Care for a ride in Lu Bu’s beautiful horse anyone?”


Alternate costumes are still a well-known sight, if ever you get tired of your characters looks and have a pity a wardrobe invasion, get on with it but sadly, there’s only 2 costumes to settle on from; your default costume and therefore the alternate one. Either way, you’ll love the wardrobe.


Graphics 9/10
Good looking game with perfectly detailed character designs and their respective weapons.

Gameplay 9/10
With the mix of the 2 greatest hack and slash series around, everything is simply as you’d love it to be.

Sound 8/10
Nothing out of the standard , normal DW and SW grooves are still here.

Lifespan 10/10
With 60 missions to finish and tons of weapons to gather , there’s nothing keeping you from playing the game for long.

Total score: 9/10

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Warriors Orochi (Europe) psp android 5kroms Warriors Orochi (Europe) psp iso 5kroms


Warriors Orochi (Europe) ISO

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