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Description Zenonia for PSP + Overview

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Zenonia is a Korean action RPG a lot of known for its presence on the mobile market, as well as its sequels. However, the primary game has a port for the PSP as a mini. will it work? reasonably, yeah.


The gameplay is fairly simple for an RPG. you progress around, press X to attack, and can mix L with one of the face buttons to use a capability (or press R to swap so you consume things instead.) things will be assigned to one of the four fast slots via the menu, whereas skills are done identical manner. whereas the system works, the buttons themselves tend to be a touch clumsy, with movement feeling somewhat clunky and buttons usually having a small delay. this is not a horrible issue however it will affect however well the game plays. It’s unsurprising considering it is a port, however it’s still a difficulty, particularly once you have problems with the sport flat-out chilling and flaming. thankfully you can save any time you want except for boss fights, therefore if you’re smart you will not lose much progress.

Three classes are featured within the game: someone, Paladin, and Assassin. every come with their own weapons, abilities, and stats. Paladins are the magic category and specialize in healing, Assassins are fragile however quick, and Warriors deal the heaviest harm. skills consume SP and are created accessible as you level up and it is your call a way to distribute your ability and stat points. much speaking, Paladins are the simplest for starting players and Assassins are good for speed runs.

Equipment for this game is randomized once born from enemies and scaled to your level whereas at a store. A wealth of equipment slots can offer you lots of opportunities to boost your defense, however thankfully it isn’t forever necessary to crank out each single find time for order to get past a tricky boss. Restorative things will assist you with health, or refill your SP gauge (more dearly-won things can really restore SP, however commonly you can only make sure your SP most remains high.) there’s also an item referred to as Origin of Life that allows you to revive with no penalty; otherwise you’ll be able to either pay 3000 gold or take a penalty to your experience and item sturdiness to revive. as a result of enemies swarm you in massive numbers and hit very hard, the lenient revival system finishes up operating quite well while not breaking the sport or creating it too easy.

On this note, it would be an honest plan for me to say problem. Zenonia needs tons of grinding, however the foremost interesting part concerning this is that there’s a large distinction in expertise supported level difference. If you take on high-level enemies you’ll get very generous quantities of expertise points and level up quite quick, however there is a really high risk of death. often you might simply sacrifice the gold you get from grinding by buying Origins of Life and tanking powerful enemies to level up quicker. during this sense, the issue finishes up creating you listen a lot over games that permit you to level grind senselessly, therefore even the most boring or redundant parts of this game need you to focus and play actively.

Another cool feature concerning Zenonia is how many quests it’s. in addition to the most story quests, every city can have a minimum of half a dozen aspect quests accessible that you can work on four at a time. a number of of them involve gathering ingredients for cooks and yield food rewards, and these will be replayed indefinitely, that could be a great way for grinding things likewise as gold (as food has a pretty high marketing value.) Overall this offers the game a bigger sense of magnitude because of the extent of optional content. Combined with an actual world map, a few of landscapes and dungeons, and some block puzzles in said dungeon, Zenonia could be a misleadingly long and concerned game.


Zenonia begins with a proof of a war between the Holy Knights and Dragon Warriors. in the middle of this is often a child named Regret, whose father has simply died. Regret begins in a city wherever everyone seems to own a wierd conspiracy or grudge against him, and he finishes up going and going bent on find a new starting, solely to urge swept up in business relating to his father and also the war. The premise and events are not notably original, however the game contains some fun humor and glorious dialogue albeit the translation is frequented by errors. Regret is anesthetist tons of emotional stress throughout the sport and he handles it in a very realistic way; he is not sulky or dramatic concerning it, however he does not simply shrug it off, either. For me, one in every of the strongest points was taking part in as a personality whose strategies of brick simply seemed very direct and real. The weakest part of the story is that the lack of choice; despite there being 2 endings to the current game, only 1 alternative can verify that ending you get, and also the endings are short and hardly any different from each other.


Zenonia’s graphics are mediocre, I think. Nothing looks outstanding, however everything is passable and nothing appearance ugly. a number of the surface swaps on enemies return off as lazy, however this is often not unusual neither is it a major issue. Sound-wise, however, I will definitively say that Zenonia is seriously lacking. the sport is comprised of short, boring music loops that are not catchy or at all enjoyable to listen to. they aren’t annoying per SE, however there is not enough substance to relish it at all.

Play Time/Replayability:

I ran through this game in about 17 hours, having wasted a touch of time grinding up cash to respec my stats. My game might have run slightly longer since I compete as an Assassin and struggled having low H.P., that a a lot of seasoned player would not have found to be a difficulty. If you compete through this game with every category you’d be viewing 50 hours value of gameplay, and if you wished to grind to level ninety nine on every file, you’d have over that. Considering however little this game is, i’d say length its length may be its most impressive quality.

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Zenonia (Europe) ISO

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